Possible Causes for Crashes

Is your game crashing on launch, freezing, or sitting on a black screen?
Here is a list of possible causes for issues we have found so far:

1. EAC, EasyAntiCheat can sometimes cause issues launching the game, to figure out if this is the cause of your issues try running squad without EAC. To do this check this guide and use the argument -noeac

2. Black Screen, If your sitting at a black screen with nothing happening give it some time. Currently the first few runs of Squad take a little longer and on HDDs can take up to 15 minutes.

3. MSI Afterburner, Afterburner can cause crashes and freezes on launch, its best to just disable this if your having any issues at all.

4. Recording Software, If your game is crashing on startup and you have checked EAC then disable any Recording software you may have turned on including OBS, PlayTV, ShadowPlay, Fraps, AMD Evolved etc.


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