Finding, Using, and Analyzing Squad Support Logs

Did you know Squad actually generates log files whenever something unexpected happens? You can actually use them to troubleshoot why something bad is happening (or send them to someone else who can)

The default save location for squad log files is %LOCALAPPDATA%\Squad\Saved\Logs
You can paste that directly into your start menu or windows explorer and hit enter to open the folder.

Inside this folder you will see .log files (these can be opened with any text editor like notepad or wordpad) the one named "Squad.log" will always be the newest, when a new log file is created the previous one is renamed to whatever the date / time is.

Windows also makes a support tool for viewing .log files that I personally find helpful to make them easier to read, it is called Trace32 and its available in the ConfigManager Software Suite (you only need the Trace32.exe everything else you can delete) It looks like This

If you have looked through your log files and still can't figure out whats going on we encourage you to zip them up and attach them to a support ticket on this support website.


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