VC Redist Errors

Some users may find when trying to launch the game that they get a generic error or one that mentions VC Redistributables not being installed. (You can also find these errors in your Log files) This issue can occur if the VC Redist packages did not automatically install during launch.

To resolve this issue you will manually have to install them yourself. The most common reason this happens is because your version of windows is not fully up to date, so the first thing we will do is open your start menu and type "Windows Update" and a setting should pop up called "Check for Windows Updates" click on this to start looking for up dates. You will want to install ALL available updates (optional included besides language packages) and keep doing so until no more updates are available. Every time you do a round of updates and reboot you should check again to see if there are more updates until it says "Windows is up to date" See image below for Windows 10 example.


Once windows is up to date we can attempt to manually install the packages. The default path for the packages is: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\_CommonRedist\vcredist

You will want to install both 2013 and 2015 as well as x86 and x64 versions of both. Make sure to run them as an administrator:

Once you are complete, you should be able to run squad (if this was your issue) if you receive any error codes during the installs please take screen shots of them and create a support ticket by using the button on the top right of this support site with the screen shots attached.


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