Freezing / Stuttering Issue resolves

we have had users reporting issues with the game freezing / stuttering every few seconds / minutes rendering the game unplayable.

We have linked this issue to a few resolves.

1. first, try setting your audio quality to low and restarting the game to see if it is resolved.

2. We have confirmed certain suites of Razer Software has caused the issue. a user reported uninstalling all of his razer software and updating to the newest official drivers from the razer site has resolved the issue. Please try this if resolve 1 did not work.

3. Users have reported disabling steam overlay for squad has eliminated stuttering as well.
if you right click squad and go to properties you should be able to do this specifically for this game.

4. Another user has reported they were missing critical windows updates and once they installed all the latest windows updates their stuttering / freezing stopped and they were able to play for 4 hours straight without nay issues.

5. If the above did not work try disabling your Anti Virus temporarily as this could be scanning squad files as well. if this resolves your issues re-enable your AV and add an exception for Squad.

If none of these resolved your issue please submit a ticket to with your specs and as much information as possible


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